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Coming To Our Senses

We are all being tempered in the fire of change. I just watched Avatar for the third time, and again I was deeply touched. The Nave were so deeply attuned to enjoying the Spirit of Life, while the miserable humans were too caught in their agenda to get what they wanted to notice.

I was especially moved by how the animals came to the rescue. at the end. This may seem unbelievable, yet to some degree it is already happening today. Online, there are many websites with documented stories of animals saving humans. In the documentary, “The Bridge” a man who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge to kill himself broke too many bones to swim, but a seal showed up underneath him, buoying him until rescue workers arrived. It warms my heart that this man got a clear message from the Universe that his life indeed matters.

Avatar reminded me of our deep need to break out of the addictive cultural trance we have been born into. With the way we treat each other in this nation (as we have locked up 1/4 of all the worlds prisoners) and the earth (with the largest mass species extinction occurring in 65 million years) - it is time to rise up from our coffins and come to our senses!

It does not serve anything to blame our corporations; for by doing so we make ourselves into powerless victims. We usually have a choice of whether to buy their products or not. As long as we feel powerless, we will continue our addictions to toxic substances including oil, and other wasteful activities. Change begins right here with our physical and mental habits. If we each can learn to limit our consumption and increase our contribution, we will have a new world. The only thing that perpetuates the over consumption of the world’s resources and pollutes our environment is our denial of our own addictive patterns that are contributing to these problems, and the denial of our creativity. Acting “small” or “weak” chains us to our old, dying world, and we become part of the problem as we are going down with the ship. The groove of our old ways only gets deeper (or bottom - lower) until we finally heed the call of our Great Spirit within - yelling out the War Cry! for change.

The fearless Warrior Spirit is not against anything, yet it dissolves all resistance. It is the pure unstoppable magma of our Soul, breaking through our self doubt, procrastination, or other patterns of resisting our core aliveness and boldness to create anew. As many volcanoes in the world are now erupting, allow your Spirit to erupt so the new land of your life can take form.

Everyone has a vital contribution to our new world, including you. Write your book, speak your message, give your heartfelt gift. Your life is too precious to waste for the sake of being comfortable. The Earth is in pain. (Pain and suffering are not the same thing.) Either you are feeling this pain or you are probably suffering an addiction - a pseudo escape that only deepens your wounding.

The greatest pain of all is that of birth. To avoid this pain, my mother chose to be under anesthesia when I was born. She did not know better at the time. Coming into the world with no conscious mother to greet me was an abandonment experience that took most of my life to heal. This was my suffering I took birth for. Yet, most of this suffering has resulted in my addictive patterns of avoiding feeling it. The pain memories are that “I am not met, seen, and supported, and that I am going to die of loneliness.” Today, instead of medicating this pain with an unhealthy behavior, I am learning to feel it as my motivator to choose to feel the Great loving of the Universe that is really here. Pain motivates, and when it is used as such, it is mysteriously not pain anymore!

Feel your pain and you will not suffer much, for you will get its message and act on it. By having the courage to feel your pain, you are getting on with consciously birthing a better life.

To better our world, what are you birthing? Write me, and I will print your words. We all need to hear this good news.

I am contributing greater harmony to the world as I am giving birth to a more loving relationship with myself. This has resulted in ending all codependent relationships.
I have also greatly reduced my oil consumption by selling my Mercedes Benz and buying a Hauri electric scooter that goes 55 MPH on the freeway and travels 30 miles on a charge while only using about 30 cents of electricity. When I need a car, I ask a friend for a ride in return for gas money or another favor, and this is an excuse to be more connected with my friends. I am completely vegetarian and eat mostly raw food. I love the animals too much to eat them anymore. Eating raw vegetables and fruit coupled with drinking alkaline water and practicing deep breathing keep my body and brain pH alkaIine, making me a natural giver of energy instead of an acidic taker.

Core to all these changes is doing spiritual practices every day including deep breathing and affirmations to remind me of the presence of our Great Loving Spirit. The stronger my connection with our loving Universe, the less I am prone to act out unconsciously to try to get something I really don’t need. I do have my slips in consciousness, and I practice self forgiveness when this happens with my Self Liberation Method. If I can’t forgive myself, how can I forgive others? Compassion is the only way I can see getting through these changes, both personally and collectively.

In the loving that dispels all darkness,


Joa Marcu © 2010


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