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Living Your Dream

In-Person Meetings

The main focus of this group is for us each to live our dreams without reservation. The work you do here could lead to you changing your life, whether that be your career, relationship, residence or all three!

First, we do the inner work of merging with our Soul's calling.

Next, we set reasonable goals, commit to them, and brainstorm how to succeed. We support one another with keeping our agreements to ourselves while overcoming both our inner and outer obstacles...  Please Click to Learn More


Living Your Abundance

In-Person Meetings

What we each experience is the result of what we are being. What you are being is five things: Your thinking, speech, beliefs, actions, and attitude. If you are experiencing lack, then it is certain that you are “being scarcity”, as this is the familiar way that we all learned from our culture.

In this joyful group, we meet every week for two months and do a rigorous 42 day practice that permanently changes your “being scarcity” habit to “being abundance”. We make this transformation fun with an amazing board game and lots of laughter to break-up the old pattern.

Our promise is guaranteed. If after two months of doing these simple practices for a few minutes every day you are not experiencing a more abundant life in every way, we will refund your money in full minus the study materials.    Please Click to Learn More


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Q: Is my unique focus going to be congruent with the group focus?

A: It turns out that our group usually works beautifully for anyone regardless of their focus: whether that be changing one’s career, attracting a loving relationship, losing weight or improving one’s health—as long as each participant is at the beginning stages of change. On the other hand, when every participant is in the group for the same reason, they all tend to be in the dark about similar issues. But when each of the attendees are in the group for different reasons, one person’s weakness is often another person’s strength. As human beings with the same general needs for health, loving relationships and passionate careers, we are all dealing with the same core issues—just in different timing in our lives, thus it works out that a natural cross mentorship occurs. For example, one person has been single for years but her career is very strong. Another person has an awesome relationship with her husband, but after raising a child doesn’t know where to begin in her career. Each of these people will have much to offer one another.

Q: Will this group offer me technical expertise in my field?

A: You may get “lucky”, and many do feel fortunate with who they attract to meet with. But officially this is not a business peer support group. Those groups can be expensive, but helpful—technically speaking. Rather than offer you a great deal of technical information, whether that be marketing a business or diagnosing a health issue, we are primarily reading your energy and supporting you energetically to birth your inner dreams into outer reality. Whatever your focus is, the manifestation process is essentially the same. We begin with a right brain approach to insure that whatever you are starting comes from your core and that your natural creativity is activated.

For those with the career focus, it may lead to starting a business. Once that business is actually in the starting stages, many still stay in this group because the insight and emotional support from friends is still very helpful, but they will certainly need additional technical support in their field. Another thing we do that technical experts don’t, is hold you accountable to follow through with your vision, week to week.

We find that the most challenging obstacles that hold people back from living their dreams are their inner obstacles. Clearing inner obstacles is our specialty. We help you see them and clear them. For example, in many cases, the issue is not a shortage of information, but the ability to process all the information one has, to make sense of it all and thus become clear about one’s next steps. This is what our group is good at. We help people move from feeling overwhelmed to moving forward on their purpose with steady, inspired action.