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Finding Your Motivation

  • Are you ready to leave the trenches of a mediocre life for the playing field of your most cherished dreams?
  • Do you want to live your dreams but don’t know how to make the transition?
  • Are you feeling stuck, incapable, or depressed with your life in some way?

     If so, it is certain that you have been judging yourself. You have inner gremlins!—voices in your head telling you what’s “wrong,” or what you can’t accomplish or have.

     If you are noticing these gremlins, congratulations, you are a certified member of the human race! You are not alone. We all have gremlins!

     But the news gets better…. You are not a gremlin! These negative voices were all learned, and they can be disempowered when you turn your attention toward your magnificence.

     Yes, you are a divinely beautiful spiritual being with infinite creative potential even if you are having a challenging human experience. The challenge is to live from the inside out, instead of vice versa.

     Forget what is “wrong” about your life. It is time to move forward with what feels right within you.

     Forgive all others; you are not a victim of outer consequences. Turn your attention away from what is happening to you—to what is happening in you. In the final analysis, only you can hold yourself back.

     Forgive yourself for your mistakes. You are on a path of growth that happens through trial and error. Failing does not mean you are a failure. The average baby fails about three hundred times before it learns to walk. Trial and error learning is what makes champions. What are your BIG DREAMS that are worth failing for—as may times that it takes to succeed?

     Have you held yourself back long enough? Have you settled for less long enough? Are you ready to shout, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"? And finally allow the RED HOT MAGMA of your MAGNIFICIENT CREATIVITY to ERUPT?

     Then together, lets conceive and birth ALL YOUR DREAMS COMING TRUE! Instead of playing the second part of other's movies, it is time to be the director and star of your own. I fiercely support you with mastering your life creation, with acheiving your Soul’s Legacy. I will not allow you to settle for less than what you are really capable of.

     The Great Universe is ready to support you in a big way whenever you give it full permission. Allow me to be part of that support, if you feel it now.

     Together, let’s find your inner treasures, dust them off, share them with the world and cash in! The world deserves your best. Most of all, you deserve a rich life in every way, because we know that the core you is rich beyond measure. It's time that you live fully from your brilliance!

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